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Units are able to walk on blocked tiles

As you can see from the screenshots, I have a tall platform that is walkable as a separate GameObject. The top of the platform is walkable as it should be, but the ground underneath the platform is also walkable for some reason. It seems that as long as the height of a platform is taller than the Character Height, then the ground underneath it will be walkable, even if a character is going to clip through it. I’m using a Layered Grid Graph. What’s going on here?


You can reduce the “max step height” to prevent the character from being able to climb up on tall obstacles.

That’s not the issue, they can only climb up there if they stand on the lower platform first, which is what I want. The issue is that they can walk on the ground below the tall platform, as seen in the screenshots attached here. You can also see in the first screenshots that the ground underneath the platform is blue, meaning it’s walkable. I made a script to have a Line Renderer show the unit’s path. Keep in mind, the platforms are all separate GameObjects.

I see that the tall obstacle is not included in the collision testing layer mask. So the graph will think the ground under it is perfectly traversable. I’d include it, but also raise the collision testing offset field a bit to make sure they can still walk on top of it.

Great that fixed it, thank you! That’s not at all what I thought the Offset field was for.