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Unit walk into other units' radius area when using RVO local avoidance

Hi there,
There are various unit radius in my game(like from 0.2 to 3). I found when using RVO, small radius unit will walk into other units that have big unit radius, and cause very weird pathing behavior.
I tried to change AgentTimeHorizon to fix this issue, but I realized that when increase AgentTimeHorizon to a big value will cause units try to avoid other units they will never collide, and they can’t even get close to other units. Also, even if I set AgentTimeHorizon to a big value, when units’ speed is very slow, small radius units walk into big radius units bug is still there.
I guess this is related to RVO implementation, and maybe hard to fix. But is it possible to at leaset make small radius units can avoid big radius units when big radius units are stationary(Locked) as a walk around?

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The beta version has an improved avoidance behavior for locked agents. You could try that out.

Hi Aron, thank you so much for helping. I just made a simpile test on latest beta(4.3.47), seems the issue I mentioned still there.
Unit A: Radius: 0.5 Speed: 2 AgentTimeHorizon:2 LockWhenNotMoving: TRUE
Unit B: Radius: 10 Speed: 2 AgentTimeHorizon:2 LockWhenNotMoving: TRUE


I cannot replicate this. Are you sure you don’t have any other scripts affecting the movement?

Nope, I just imported the beta version into an empty project. Added RVOSimulator, agent go, pathfinder go, etc. I didn’t add or write any scripts by my self, only use stuff in the beta package. I can share my project here.

Hi Aron, sorry to bother. I wonder if there is any update for this issue?


I’ve managed to replicate it, but I haven’t quite figured out why it happens yet. Curiously, I could only replicate it with the AIPath script, not the RichAI script, but this could just have been due to settings.

Got it, thank you so much and looking forward to it.

Hi Aron, any update for this issue?