Unit can't follow a target above itself (Searched whole area but could not find target)

Hi everyone!

I’ve written my own movement scripts (simplified version of the provided scripts) and my own node linker which derives from NodeLink2.
My problem is when the player climbs the rope, the big stickman figure throws “Searched whole area but could not find target” errors as he can’t climb up himself.

In my head, the stickman should be able to walk beneath the player as there’s a Recast area there?

The stickman has the player as the target position.

This might be intended but it feels strange that he can’t walk “closer” on the ground below.

Here is his Seeker

No one got a clue of what’s going on here? :confused:


Sorry for the late response.

I’m assuming that you are visualizing areas here?
In that case it thinks it can reach that spot because the area has the same color, but it can’t for some reason. Are you using some one-way links or anything like that?

I’d recommend that you disable path calculations while the agent is climbing the rope.

You can enable an option on the path to force it to pick the closest point even in cases like this.
Set path.calculatePartial true before calculating the path and it should work.