Unexplained holes in grid at startup

I’m getting these strange bands in my layered grid graph. If I walk away and come back they will refresh properly. If I rescan they will rescan properly, but the first scan I run keeps producing these bands. You can see the terrain is selected and this is all well within bound of the 1km terrain. These don’t show up in the other corner, only this side running all the way to the edges. If I turn off my 1 erosion iteration it stops doing it, but the erosion iteration is pretty important… Any ideas what is causing this?

Can your AI walk over the holes? I have an issue like this and the graph was correctly drawn and functional but sometimes the graph draws underneath the geometry in the editor. Not sure if this is the same issue but thought I’d share just in case.

no, they were actual unwalkable zones. I ended up going back to async navMesh updating around the player and it’s actually working really well now =o