Unable to pathfind around corners


I have a very simple setup that I am unable to get to work.
I have added the A* Grid component, to which I have childed a few cubes and the graph seems to be generated correctly.

I am however not able to navigate around the unwalkable area (red cubes) and don’t know why.
I was following the tutorial that is pinned in the forum but I must have missed something.

The green player carries a collider and meshrenderer.
The object it is parented to carries the Seeker, AIPath and AI destination setter.
I have marked the destination tile in blue for clarity.

Imgur gallery due to 2 image maximum for new users.

Thank you in advance!


On closer inspection, I found that the path generator is working but the seeker/ AIPath are not using it at all… Am I missing something?

I’m not quite sure. Everything in your screenshot looks good. Try to remove the rigidbody just to see if that might be the problem.