Tweak to AIPath.cs

AIPath.cs line 104, make the transform public
and AIPath line 350, translate the cached tr rather than the transform directly.

I have to update these each time on update, as I have the AIPath attached to a child game object, the AIPath actually manipulates the parent object. Don’t see any harm in making it public and the 2nd line change seems more consistent anyway.


Thanks for the report.
I have fixed AIPath line 350 in my local dev version.
However I will not make the “tr” field public. In my opinion it is not good style for that field to be public since then it could be modified by other scripts and it would be visible in the inspector.

Cool, well maybe having a public reference which if not set the cached tr defaults to it’s own game object, and if set it uses the public referenced transform? so transform to manipulate is set at beginning, but then is private. anyway I can manually alter. thanks for having a look anyway :smile: