Tutorial requests

Hi there!

I’m using astar since 2 years now on my ongoing project and I still have some difficulty to get my navmesh right on 3D terrains. I think I’m not using the settings correctly cause the AI are sometimes taking a long path for no reason and they’re also doing moonwalk from time to time cause they can’t reach the destination my script is giving them.

Now what I want to ask for is a tutorial or answers for :

  • How to get the navmesh perfectly adjusted to my 3D terrain?

  • Knowing my AI cannot reach the destination any further since its out of the navmesh (for animations, like an IsMoving property. Right now I’m using : richAI.isStopped || richAI.reachedEndOfPath, but maybe its not set to true when the AI has no destination or the frames after it reaches it).

  • How to properly teleport my AI on a free spot on the navmesh? I’m using AstarPath.active.GetNearest(target.position).position. Right now it is barely working, I sometimes get AI spawning at the same position or under the ground (again this might be linked with my primary issue with 3D terrains).

Thanks in advance