A* Pathfinding Project

Tutorial is not working for me :(


Hi, I’m using the latest free version of the plugin and I’m following the tutorial.
But for some reason, I don’t see the blue floor when I click on scan.

I just see this red blocks, what I did wrong? I watch the video more than 8 times and I don’t et what is wrong.

The ground is using the ground layer.
The Wall (black) is using the Obstacles layer.
Cubes (blue and pink) using the Player Layer.

I still don’t get what is wrong :frowning:

Anybody can help me?




Are you sure the ground plane is at y=0 (or above). It looks like it might be placed a bit below y=0. This will cause the rays not to hit the ground and the nodes will be made unwalkable.


OMG, yes, that is correct, thanks for the help :slight_smile: