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Turning for cars

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a nice day doing AI and whatnot. Anyway, enough preamble. I’m trying to make a car within A*. Dont worry, I’m not gonna bog you down with a massive, vague question like ‘How do car in AI???’, I want to figure that all out for myself. However, something I cant quite figure out is turning, especially turning circles. Now, before I carry on, bare in mind I am using the free version. Anyway, my main issue that I see immediately is doing a 180. Obviously, a car cannot turn on the spot, but my AI can. Does anyone have any recommendations to fix this?

Thanks all


Doing pathfinding for vehicles with directions requires a lot more state and is not included in this system.
I am however working on a post processor to get a pretty good result. I am basing it on the chapter Post Processing For High Quality Turns from AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 which describes the system used in Company of Heroes.
It will still pivot if it cannot find a nice curved path, but at least it’s better than pivoting all the time.
I am not sure when this will be available in the main package though. I think I will upload a video to youtube showing my progress some time relatively soon.

Oh cheers mate, look forward to it!


Any progress for this post processor for turnings?

Best Regards.

I have it partially implemented. It does generate reasonably good turns, but it does not handle things like driving in reverse yet, which is sometimes required.

Can i get some test version to try it, it’s can very simplifying my current task? I have A* pro license :slight_smile:

Any word on this system?

We are very interested on this too :point_up:

I would be interested in this too as a basis for my racing game, it would be invaluable.


@aron_granberg any news on this? Or any guidance of how this can be doable with the current version of the asset ? (Even if its not 100% perfect)

Im trying to implement a car chasing mechanic so any article of link to an existing forum post will be a great help!!

Thank you so much

Hey there @aron_granberg any news on this? This solution would give me a head start of at least a month, like @Amynox any version you currently have is much appreciated, since it would tell us how to handle things with your magnificient package and where to focus on!
It would be an hugeeee help!
Please update this post if you are able to and let us know and as always, thanks a lot for your help and support, you’re the best :heart_eyes:

Hi @aron_granberg this feature would help me so much, any chance it is coming soon?

Many thanks, in advance!

Hey everyone, I had been working on an implementation based on the afore mentioned chapter Techniques for Formation Movement Using Steering Circles with quite some success. Video Link even got some more complex 3 point turns working

However combining this with A* ended up being a much harder task.
I do have a few resources to share that could help in recreating these features:

Some of these resources are a little outdated and are missing some files that could help. These resources should get you at least 75% there.

I have currently no intention of releasing my code as I want to finish the project before releasing it to the community, however due to job change and engine change I have not been able to give any of my A* projects any love. (for context, last time I touched this code was the 7th Nov 2019)


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is there any news on this?

I have at least two prototypes laying around, but nothing even close to production ready I’m afraid. It’s not a focus for development right now.

Could you at least share them with current state, maybe we can get inspired by them and continue on top? @aron_granberg

Here’s one such script if you are interested: using Pathfinding;using UnityEngine;using System.Collections.Generic;using -
It uses some apis from the beta version of the A* Pathfinding Project, but none that cannot be relatively easily refactored away (e.g. color definitions and such).

Oh nice, thanks a lot! Will def take a look!