Turn-Based Pathfinding with Movement Costs

I’ve been scratching my head on how to implement turn-based movement costs. Where units have a certain amount of movement and different tiles on the board have different movement costs (think advance wars). The hex-grid example scene (my game is also hex grid) might help me but is missing, it isn’t in the files and I can’t find it anywhere. And the documentation relating to TraversalProvider doesn’t help at all to elucidate things.

I know you can assign penalties to nodes somehow, but I don’t know if that would be useful for this. Does anyone have info on how to implement this system? Very little of the documentation seems to relate to explicit movement costs.

Having same issue. Have you found a solution?

Yes, I removed this and implemented it myself. I looked at the turn-based movement point scene included with ‘Pro’ and it is completely hacked - movement points aren’t implemented correctly at all and don’t even work properly, it’s basically a distance-based solution disguised as a movement point system. Pretty dishonest if you ask me, and probably why he hides it in the ‘Pro’ version rather than including the example scene for free. If you need something like a movement point system in which different tiles have different costs, you’re better off doing it yourself and forgetting about this, in my opinion. I implemented my own Dijkstra pathfinding solution, which is pretty easy to do and, while not as advanced as A*, for a turn-based game it’s more than good enough to do whatever you need.

@Goose - thank you for the reply. Yeah I also bought the pro version to see the example scene to implement what I want. And yes it looks like it is more of a movement cost to make the actor avoid it and not make it slower. Thank you again. I will try to research Dijkstra algo and figure it out. Do you have any suggestion for a starting point?