Trying to find the path node list

New user, Hello there!

Tryed to make my own pathfinding and had issue, found out this one was about the same but alot more features, very pleased to have found this!

So im making turn based battle, each players will start with some character on each side of the battleground, which is isometric. I want to be able to choose a character then when i mouse over a selected tile, i want the path tiles highlighted from player to that tile so the player know where that character can go. For that id need to collect the path node list (center of it) so i know which tile i manually placed on get touched. If someone could point me out a way to do this that would be greatly appreciated!

Im also wondering if the paid version have this since i cant find the RichAI in the free version? (Im gonna buy it soon btw! Really like this asset)

Oh god nevermind… I first opened your project into a empty unity project then visual studio linked with that. Then placed it in my real project but still had that same visual studio project on… Thats why all my debug didnt work ;p I bet i will find everything i want now… lol



There’s an example called Turn Based in the pro version that does pretty much exactly this.

Also, yes. The RichAI script only exists in the pro version.

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