Troubles with recastgraph holes

I’m getting different behavior from objects that to me seem to be different. Using version 4.2.19

The desired behavior is, that the navmeshcut would follow the object.

I have

  1. Forklift
  2. Pallet
  3. Working cell

  • All have NavmeshCut component on their parent.
  • 1 and 2 have a non-kinematic rigidbody.
  • All have a non-trigger collider.
  • Pathfinder has a recast graph with LayerMask = Everything.
  • When I move 2 or 3, the navmesh hole follows the object.
  • When I move 1 (the forklift), the navmesh hole seems to follow the object BUT the initial hole stays in the forklift’s original place. (see video)

If I manually re-scan the graph from the PathFinder, the hole moves back under the forklift.

I can’t figure out why the forklift is different?

Link to video: Navmeshcut on Vimeo

It’s because your forklift is included in the layer mask for the recast graph, and it has a collider/mesh that causes a hole to be baked into the navmesh.
I’d recommend putting it in a layer such that it becomes excluded from the recast graph’s initial scan.

I think I tried that already… Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing:

  • The forklift and it’s children are on Layer “Vehicle”
  • That same layer is excluded from the recast graph’s LayerMask
    With these, the result is the same: the forklift leaves a hole to it’s initial position.


It looks like you are also including all Untagged objects in your scan.

Yes, that was it thanks!
For future reference: I had (maybe an accidental click) added a Tag Mask “Untagged”.