Troubles converting AIPath to function like LocalSpaceRichAI in moving example

I’ve been trying to get AIPath to work like LocalSpaceRichAI, however ran into problems with how to convert the returned paths.

LocalSpaceRichAI has UpdateTarget and UpdatePath and that’s it. AIPath has an equivalent to UpdatePath called SearchPath and I have overridden that in my own LocalAIPath class and got that working properly. I can run my game and then move the area I am pathfinding off the origin and move my player and target and see the path on the graph being drawn properly.

I am failing bad at when and what to convert after that. I have tried messing with CalculateVelocity and performing my matrix translations there, however that didn’t work. I then was trying with OnPathComplete without any luck. I also tried messing with CalculateTargetPoint.

I am getting lost in how each function calls the others.

If anyone has got this working or has a better understanding on how AIPath works and could help me out that would be great.

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