Timing the path so AI entity ends up at "X" point after "Y" time

I am making a game where such a scenario has suddenly come up.

I need an AI entity to be randomly spawn and walk along a specific path leading to a fixed point on the map. The problem is that he needs to reach there only after Y minutes. Not before nor after.

Is there any other way to achieve such a behavior without adjusting speeds? I don’t want this particular AI entity to appear visibly slow or faster compared to the rest of the AI entities.

Here is some math for you,

Velocity = Distance * Time

Time = Distance / Velocity

And so on and so forth…

Sense Speed is an arbitrary number last I checked, you will first need to figure out your conversions (IE: 10 speed = 3 points per second in the game world) then you can go from there :slight_smile:

As for not adjusting speeds~
No, not really… you can have it zigzag to the point… But that really doesn’t look any better

Thanks! I knew those formulae but I didn’t know about sense speed nor the conversions. Will be able to get this on my own now! :slight_smile:

Well FYI … Im not sure if “10 speed = 3 points per second in the game world”… that was purely hypothetical :wink: