Tile Based Pathfinding? (Left, right, up, down only)

Hi all,

I’m quite new to programming. I’m making a game that has a space (tile)-based battlefield. That is, the battlefield is a bunch of squares and you move x squares per turn.

You click on the square you want to move to and move to it. My question is, can this pathfinding system work in this way?

From what I can tell, it seems best suited for open-world pathfinding where movement isn’t confined to a specific way. The AI can take any path provided it gets around the obstacles.

I need a system where the movements must be: up, down, left and right. I don’t want characters being able to go diagonally to get to the destination. So if I want to move from space 0,0 to 2,2 it should do something like: go left to 1,0, up to 1,1, left to 2,1, and up to 2,2.

Just wondering if I can have this kind of control with this system or if I’d be best finding another system.

Thanks in advance.


Set “Connections” in the grid graph settings to “Four”.
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You might want to use a ConstantPath (pro version) to show all squares the player can move to during a single turn.