ThreadControlQueue.Pop() nullref => This code should not be reached


Recently, we started noticing an issue with our version of the Point Graph where agents on the Point Graph would move to the end of their current path (whilst ignoring the Point Graph itself e.g. flying through the air and walls), and then permanently stopping with moving, sometimes this also causes a crash. Attached you can find the latest logs that we see from the Pathfinding Project on 3 separate instances of the bug occurring.

The issue only seems to only occur on Android (Quest 2), we are currently on version 4.2.17.

Thank you for your help!

Kind Regards
Lucy from the AlterEyes team


Would it be possible for you to upgrade to a more recent version? Either 4.2.19 or 5.0?

Hi Aron

We upgraded to 4.2.19 and the issue still persists with the same error.

Kind Regards
Lucy of the AlterEyes team

That’s unfortunate.

I know that this particular part of the code has been completely rewritten in 5.0, so there’s a large chance that it has been fixed in that version.