Third Person Shooter Enemy AI

I just installed the A* project and tried the first tutorial in getting started. What I want to do with this package is:

  1. Enemy sense player only when within a certain distance.
  2. Enemy chase player when within distance.
  3. Enemy runs away/ hide behind world obstacles (trees, walls, etc.) when being attacked by the player.
  4. Enemy returns to base when the player is not found after a certain time.

Can I implement the above with ONLY A*? I know that I will have to write some logic, but what I need to know is other than pathfinding, whether this package can provide the core functionality of fleeing and hiding, sensing static world objects around it while keeping the player insight, etc. I am currently using another package from the asset store to sense the player. This is the first time I am implementing AI in 3D using a package like this.


  1. This requires some logic from you to set/remove the destination from the agent when it’s in range of the player. Should be very simple.
  2. See (1).
  3. This package does not provide any hiding logic. It has some path types for fleeing, but they are only for fleeing in a particular direction, or in any direction. It does not take hiding spots into account.
  4. This is game logic that you will have to write.
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Thanks! That cleared up everything!