THETA* or other any-angle pathfinding solutions - anyone integrated them with this project?

Has anyone managed to integrate something like THETA* into this project? Or can anyone provide any guidance on how’s best to do it? I’ve done it on an old codebase so I’m not keen to spend time treading the same ground :smile:

For reference:


No, THETA* is not integrated. It’s on my list of things to try out, but I haven’t had the time to spend any time on it yet.
(and making stable raycasting code is a hell, floating point math is evil)

Tell me about it, I must have rewritten Detour’s dtNavMeshQuery::raycast at least 5 times! And I bet there were still edge cases (literally).

Thanks for the reply; if I get round to it myself I’ll see if I can share the code.

Cool that you have written stuff for Detour.

Yeah the raycasting code is horrible. There are so many annoying cases that can happen, like for example when I calculate the closest point on a node, that closest point might not actually be inside the node (because of rounding issues).