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Terrain Holes in Beta

I saw in another post here you mentioned that Terrain Hole support would be covered in the beta 4.3.29 or later. I have loaded the latest and cut a hole in the terrain and it’s still creating a navmesh over this area. I can’t seem to find the magic that is required to ignore this section of the terrain. Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you!


Which version of Unity are you using?
The terrain holes support only works in Unity 2020 or later.

Thank you for the reply, I am using 2019.4.6 for that project, but I have no requirement for that version for making my Recast graphs. I will make a 2020 project and give it a shot, thank you!

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Same issue here on Unity 2021.2.5f1! How can I enable terrain hole cutting for RecastGraph?