Termination of pathfinding threads


When I try to change the scene, I get the below error and app stucks with black screen. I checked the similar threads but there is no fix or reason explained with how to avoid it.

Could not terminate pathfinding thread[] in 200ms, trying Thread.Abort Pathfinding.PathProcessor:StopThreads()
AstarPath:ShutdownPathfindingThreads ( )

Could you please help me? Thank you in advance.

Unity: 2022.3.5f1
Pathfinding: 4.3.77

Anyone did not face this issue before? :frowning:

Are you running in the unity editor?

No, I am running in device.

What device are you running it on?

Physical device; Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Additionally, I have been informed same issue exists on other android devices (4-5 different devices also tested and same issue), i.e. it is not spesific to my device.


I haven’t been able to replicate this.
I suppose you could work around it by setting A* Inspector → Setting → Threads to None. But that may impact performance if you use a lot of pathfinding.

Can you reliably replicate this?

Threads to None is not an option for me due to performance problems. I will try to replicate the issue.

Hello, I’m also encountering this issue. The game crashed for me. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and other devices. Got exact same error messages.
Could not terminate pathfinding thread[0] in 200ms, trying Thread.Abort
I really hope this get fixed. Or is there a reliable way to work around? For example turning off the pathfinding game object for 1 second and then load a new scene after that?