Teleporting Agents

Hey I have a problem with the Agents on my graph when constrain inside graph is active.

Im using the AIPath script with constrain inside graph activated. The graph consist of two GridGraphs connected with nodes from a PointGraph. In the video you can see the transition from one grid graph to the other with a link.(Where the agents teleport)


As seen in the video the agents teleport when moving outside of the grid graph. They seem to always teleport to the node of the point graph. I don’t understand why thats happening. How can I fix this behaviour?

Activating “Full Get Nearest Node Search” fixed the issue for me. But I’m not sure if this is the best way.

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So another issue came up connected to this. When “Full Get Nearest Node Search” is on the agents behave weirdly when going downstairs.


Seems like they go one axis after the other. Walking upstairs is fine though.


Is there a a reason you are not using a single grid graph?

Im using the point graph to have one way connections.
The agents should enter the building only through the entrance and only leave through the exit.

I improved the behaviour with the staris by replacing the AIPath with AILerp as we don’t need physics anyway. But there is still some teleporting happening when Full Get Nearest Node Search is deactivated.

Hi Aron,

do you have any update regarding this? We still have some teleporting issues.

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Any news regarding this ?


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sick these last few weeks.
I’m not quite sure why that is happening. Are your two grid graphs overlapping in space, or are they completely disjoint? If they are overlapping, the agents can get quite confused about which graph to use unless you force them to a specific graph using the seeker → traversable graphs setting.