Target not reachable

Its possible to know when a target are not reachable? my problem here is the ai walk against the wall, I use the AIPath script and the DynamicGridObstacle for update the grid when the player make a wall.

It is possible to when a target is not reachable in almost all cases.
For the version you are most probably using, you can use the IsPathPossible function instead. Check that link, but that function is actually deprecated. The link says which function to use instead, however that function was left out of the docs by mistake, that’s why I linked to the deprecated function.

You can get the closest node to an object using
Pathfinding.Node node1 = (transform.position, NNConstraint.Default); Pathfinding.Node node2 = (myTargetPosition, NNConstraint.Default); if (!Pathfinding.GraphUpdateUtilities.IsPathPossible (node1,node2) { Debug.Log ("Oh noes, there is no path between those nodes!"); }

What I think you should also try is to change the StartEndModifier settings on the Seeker. It is by default set to EndPoint: Original. That will make it always try to reach the exact point requested, even if that point was not reached fully. Try to change it to ClosestOnNode or SnapToNode instead.