Tags not working

I have two teams. Each team uses a bridge to reach the destination.
I have a graph update script attached to both the bridges.
I gave bridges tags A and B, and in seeker component I removed tags A & B correspondingly. Still teams use each others’ bridge to find path.
If I don’t use update physics bool, they don’t use others bridge but still don’t move to their destination.

Where am I wrong? Why not such a simple thing working?


You can check if the tags are applied properly by changing the graph coloring mode to tags. You can find it under a* inspector - settings - debug. Make sure you have show graphs enabled, otherwise it will not show up.

No. I can’t see any colouring on tags.

Are you sure the bounding box that you are using actually contains the nodes? It needs to contain the nodes even along the Y axis. You can increase the ‘Min Bounds Height’ field to force the bounding box to expand on the Y axis.