Tag Penalties?

I am making a sneaky/thief type game an i want the thief character to favor quieter flooring types to avoid creating much noise when moving. I have stone floors and carpets, both with their own tags. The carpets are using the GraphUpdateScene component. I don’t seem to see any difference in the path preference chosen when setting the penalties for the tags. I set stone tag penalty to 10000 and carpet to 0, or reverse them setting the carpet to 10000 and stone to 0. But, i seem to get the same paths regardless. What am i doing wrong?


Take a look at the example scene called “Penalties” and look how it is configured.
A penalty of 10000 roughly corresponds to moving 10 world units, so you need to use pretty large penalties to get any effect.

Enable the A* Inspector -> Settings -> Debug Mode = Tags to check if the tags are really being set on the graph.