Suspected memory leak in server

I left my server open for like a month with almost no players
There are around 400 AI walking wondering around via path finding

I have this memory leak, I suspect its because of the A* Pathfinding

Am I missing something?
Version 4.2.19

what’s the tool name you are using to capture memory usage?

Since installing A* I have been seeing this in my log in the editor.

Leak Detected : Persistent allocates 3 individual allocations. To find out more please enable ‘Preferences > Jobs > Leak Detection Level > Enabled With Stack Trace’ and reproduce the leak again.

Memory profiler, I think you need to install it as a package, I took a snapshot a month ago
and another one a day ago
then I can compare them.

I don’t get any errors to be honest, I just get memory leak, might not be related to the path finding. but it might be. if anyone has any info.


I’m not sure what could cause this. But you could try to use the beta version instead, as there have been many fixes in the beta.

You can find the beta here: A* Pathfinding Project

Thanks, currently I’m working on another project so I will try the beta in few months, then report back if fixed.

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