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I bought the pro version, but I can’t find the email or telephone number for technical support. Can anybody send me? Thanks in advance.


I prefer to use this forum for answering queries. That way other users can see the answers as well and emails have a tendency to get lost, but on the forum I can see which queries have been answered and which ones have not.
If you want to send something directly, feel free to send me a PM on the forum.

Can you help me ?
I have problems with A * Pathfinding + Final IK.
Unfortunately I can not speak English very well and have to google translate.
I also find no function to send a PM?
Do you have an e-mail?


If possible I prefer all support requests to be handled using public threads. So you can post your question here. As a disclaimer I have to mention that I have never used final ik myself, so I will not be able to give much support on that.

In our project we use a combination of final IK ( aim IK ) and A*
Though only during moments where the agents are not moving.

I haven’t used the full body IK in combination with A*

The tilt function of Final IK does not work with A * Pathfinder. I made a little video where you can see that the bot suddenly shakes when going uphill and does not tip over.

Ah, the rotation stuff seems to be overwritten by A*.

You could modify the existing movement scripts to only apply rotation around the local y-Axis. and have other rotation values handled by Final IK

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Sorry for the late answer. I have been traveling and have not been able to answer support requests for some time.
Ah, yeah it seems the AIPath script overrides the rotation set by FinalIK.
You can prevent the AIPath script from doing that by setting AIPath.updateRotation = false from a separate script. That will decouple the AI’s rotation from the Transform rotation.

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