Suggestion: Let user choice move type in AIPath(AIBase)

Hi Aron

currently i am working on a 2D top-down shooting game. like Enter The Gungeon

i was plan to use NavMesh+RichAI+RVO for this game. but like my last post find out.

the RichAI can’t use in 2D mode. so i switch to AIPath

the game have little physic effect in it. when hero sword hit the enemy it can push the enemy back a little.

and the game is target for mobile. so for performance issue . each enemy have a Rigidbody2D attach. but most the time the Simulated property is set to false.

it will only active when hero hit him. (RVO Controller and AIPath will deactivate at the same time.)

i check the code in AIBase.cs FindComponents() it will auto detect if have rigidbody2D attach then
use the rigid to move(FinalizeRotation) and rotate(FinalizeRotation).

is this possible let the user to choice use rigid to move or not?