Streaming part of recast graph in static open world


I’m working on a game with a relatively big open world (15x15 chunks grid of 1km² terrain, each in a separate scene). The game is networked with an authoritarive server. For the server, a player may be in one chunk only or almost in every chunk of the game. It means that the server may have all chunks loaded but also only a little number of them. Ideally, I would like to have part of my recast graph to be loaded at the same time as my chunks. For now, I’m a little confused on how to achieve that and may misunderstand recast graph tiles.

I would like to know if I can have some good practice for that case and advice on how to achieve that or something that may do the trick knowing that I need to save as much memory and cpu as possible.



If the server has to support having all tiles loaded at the same time anyway, isn’t it better to keep things simple and always have the whole graph loaded?
Having more tiles loaded has a pretty insignificant cost for pathfinding. It just uses some memory, but no additional cpu. It has a small cost if you are doing graph updates, but since your world is static that shouldn’t matter much.