Strange Behaviour Alternative Path Modifier

Hi everyone,
To achieve a more desired behaviour for my enemies (agents) I’ve added the “alternative path” modifier to hopefully make the agents stop following each other in a straight path and use alternative ones.
However, with the modifier added they act strange, they change path very frequently and move in y axis up and down. Best way to describe it would be drunk lol.
I attached a little video showing the very indecisive pathfinding.

What is causing this and how do i fix it?

Just to add extra details, I don’t update the graph data anywhere and use the default settings on the alternative path modifier.


Bumping this as i haven’t gotten any reply.
Anyone know why they’re so indecisive and change path so often?


The alternative path modifier is primarily intended for when you recalculate the path very seldom, as it will have a large amount of randomness added every time the path is recalculated. In your video it looks like your units recalculate the path multiple times per second, so that’s why they are indecisive.
The AlternativePath modifier is quite old, and the workflow isn’t the best I’m afraid.