A* Pathfinding Project

Strange behavior when target position is obstacle area


I made a simple ai - click somewhere then ai moves there.
When I click some point in obstacle area, weird path line is generated. (see picture below)
I can see it as green debug line by seeker component.
I checked it with other graph types (layered grid graph, recast graph) and those graphs are fine.
Please help me.


Enable debug info and reupload a screenshot showing the path, or even better a video would be more helpful in this case because it’s a bit hard to understand what the problem you’re describing is.
What do you define as a weird pathline?
Where can I see that line on your screenshot?
How do you expect it to behave?


I made a video. Please check it.
AI have to move to mouse click position.
(white circle means click position. It makes strange path on click in obstacle area. layered grid graph, recast graph are fine. only grid graph problem)
Thank you.



I think this may have been caused by a bug that has been fixed in 4.1.14. Try to download the latest beta version from here and see if that solves it: https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download