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Stopping Navmesh cuts from clearing all tags at start


My open world uses a large recast graph and uses both navmesh cuts and tags.
Looking through the NavmeshUpdate.cs script, it seems this line of code is responsible for clearing all the tags of every node in the graph whenever the first navmesh cut is enabled.

If I don’t want all the nodes in my entire world to be reset whenever the first navmesh cut appears, would it be okay to delete this line of code?

I understand that it is impossible to keep the tag data on nodes that are effected by navmesh cuts, and I am okay with applying the cut, and then reapplying the GraphUpdateScene whose bounds include this cut. But, I just don’t wall all the nodes in the entire 8km x 8km graph to have their tags cleared at the start.

In other posts I have seen recommendations to clear all the nodes, and then reapply every graph update scene in the world, but I’d like to avoid this if possible.


In the beta version, navmesh cuts will try to preserve tags for nodes that do not change at all. So if you could upgrade to the beta I think that would be an even better solution to your problem.