StopDistance Attribute (Suggestions & Features request)

Hello, God bless you,

I think that this attribute is missing here, compared to the navMesh Unity3D built in feature, you can access the stopDistance attribute and change it real easy, one thing to add is the speed, it would be more fluent to access the speed and the distance where the unit should stop before reaching the target location, as well as the ability to “go through units and not colliding” or use “local avoidance” or none of these but “allowing the units to collide” and not not to avoid each other.

And all these features or attributes I just listed in, are in one component that supports to be setup using the Engine UI, like the NGUI package in some sort, instead of Addiding multiple scripts (FunnelModif && RVOController && Seeker & CustomScript ect…)
making all of this in one script (that allows the user to setup the SeekerAgent without doing a lot of programming work, but also enable the user to do it programmatly if he needs custom behaviours) will trendemously affect the user experience in a very good way and also limit the requests for help and questions on the forum.

Maybe even add RTS Units formations feature, or Surrounding behaviour for units intellegently.

Thanks for you time.