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Stop When DestinationCrowded (SWDC) working strange

unity 2021 lts/ beta 61 recast richai

when SWDC turned off units works properly/ its strange that they dont fight for their place/ and when its turned on units dont work properly/ Maybe it is duplicated code in rich ai or something?

i have video -when SWDC off units behave better- as they should with on

on video
1 stop off - but units dont fight for place
2 stop on - units go to the destination after second click +some stay on their positions even if they have path

good thing about this that on grid graphs units dont fight on their place even if aipath dont have this option

Yeah, in the latest 2 betas I have actually integrated another stopping system directly into the local avoidance system. There were so many issues where SWDC didn’t work properly. So I would actually recommend keeping it off. I’ll probably remove SWDC in the next one or two betas.

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