Still new to pathfinding, animation question

I’m working on an RTS type project where I have multiple units on screen, each being an instance of a character with a animator controller full of animations. In the examples and tutorials I’ve found so far, all the units illustrated are things like capsules that simply float along their calculated path. In doing a search, I see that mecanim was previously unsupported by A*, is that still true?
In other words, can I have a unit generate a path but use its own walk/run animations to propel itself along?

Apologies, I figured it out. If anyone in the future decides to use A* with mecanim-animated characters, it’s actually really simple. Set your character’s pathfinding up the way Aron explains in the Getting Started tutorial. I used the “Bot Controller” animator controller for my character as it reduced the time I had to spend manually assigning animations. In your character’s AIPath script, turn on Can Move and set Speed to zero. This will turn on pathfinding but won’t float your character along the path; if you adjust the animator controller’s speed parameter from 0 to 0.3, he’ll walk to the target, and if you push it up to 1.0 he’ll sprint there. Super easy, I just couldn’t find anywhere that explained how to make the two systems work together. So there you have it, internet, my helpful contribution :stuck_out_tongue:

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But with that doesnt solve anything you are just making your model uses the animator movement and wouldnt use pathfinding at all