Starters Questions - Node Position, Walkable Node, IsPathPossible, ABPath.Construct


I have a few beginner questions about the following, Node Position, Walkable Node, IsPathPossible and ABPath.Construct API.

First I have a grid graph which has 3 in Width and 2 in Depth, Node size as 1.

But if get the 0,0 Node world position using “, 0, 0)”. I will get ( -1000, 0, -500), which I have no idea why it is this far off. I thought it is suppose to be (-1, 0, -0.5), why is it off by 1000 times?

Secondly, I make (1,0), (0,1), (1,1) walkable as false, but when I check if there is a path possible, from (0,0) to (2,0), it still returns true. I through I had blocked every possible nodes around (0,0).

Last, I wanted to get the path using ABPath.Construct of the two points, using a callback function. However, the callback never get called to show the path information. Thoughts?

Here is the screenshot of the setup and the script >>
(P.S it is only 1.1MB in size, but I cannot upload it to this post because it is saying it is exceed over 16MB)


Node positions are stored in integer coordinates (the Int3 struct). It is defined in millimeters. You can convert an Int3 to a Vector3 using a cast: (Vector3)node.position.

You are checking that inside the work item. Some cached info has not yet been recalculated. It will be recalculated once your work item finishes. You can call ` if you really want to update it within the work item, but this usage is discouraged.

Did you call AstarPath.SearchPath? See Searching for paths - A* Pathfinding Project