Splitting Recast Node

I want to split a recast node on an exposed edge. I am trying to add a new method to TileHandler for this, but I am a bit lost. Would you be able to give me a hint on how to achieve this?

I create custom mesh’s to fix areas in my scene where the generated graph didn’t calculate how I need. I use NavmeshCut and NavmeshAdd to update these areas. This is all done in the editor. I would like to be able to split large nodes to create simpler joins. I currently use NavmeshCut to break them up, but this generates a lot of unnecessary nodes. If I could create a method to split nodes on the exposed edge, it would allow me to create a cleaner graph.

As you can see in the below example, the graph gets very busy.


There’s currently no way to do this, I think.
However, you can export your recast graph to a .obj file, edit it in a 3D modelling application, and then import it into a NavmeshGraph. This requires you to disable tiling, though.