Sometimes obstacles are ignored when tiny gap

Hi the first few seconds of this video highlight the problem, the rest of the system seems to work very well :slight_smile:

Attached is the general setup

Help would be appreciated!


Iā€™m not quite sure what you are asking, so Iā€™m guessing.

A navmesh is defined as all points where it is valid for the characters center to be. So if you have an obstacle with e.g. a navmesh cut then it needs to be expanded to account for the character radius.
If you have a thin piece of navmesh, it is still completely valid for the character to stand there.


Is it possible for the path calculation to take into account the moving objects radius?
I thought that was the point of the RVO controller / ai path radius properties.

It seems to be ignoring them in this case, if that is their purpose.