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Some questions about navmeshcut

When I use the navmeshcut component, the previously preset data in my terrain data will be lost, such as “Tag” information. In addition, the links that are individually connected to different nodes will also fail(Can not be recognized as “RichSpecial”). How to solve this problem?

Can anyone offer some advice :rofl:

Nobody cares about this? :face_exhaling:


Sorry for the late response.
Using tags together with navmesh cuts is sadly often not possible because navmesh cuts can change the geometry of the navmesh significantly so that it’s not possible to even map the original tags to the new geometry. In the non-beta the tags will be completely reset, but in the beta version it will at least keep the tag info for all nodes that did not change because of the navmesh cut (you can find the beta here: A* Pathfinding Project).
That links are broken seems like a bug, though. I’ll have to investigate that. As a temporary workaround you should be able to disable and then enable the component to get it working again.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try