Some little questions I cannot easily find answers here or somewhere else


This project looks awesome! Impressive.

Could I ask you kindly to answer some questions?

  • I hesitate between a classic grid or a navmesh system for a classic tower defense game (Grid like 60 * 40). Do you think the navmesh one is overkill or it is less time / memory consuming?
  • In both systems, is it easy to check if the units still have a possible path before really changing the path ? For example check if a player can create a tower without blocking the path.
  • With a grid system, is it also possible to get a multilevel world?

Thank you very much!


  1. Definitely use a grid if it is a grid based tower defense and if you need to update the graph regularly. A 60 * 40 grid is pretty small so that should be fine.

  2. Yes, see the bottom of this page

  3. Yes using a layered grid graph that is possible (only available in the pro version).

Just perfect, so many thanks!

I will buy it right now! So many time saved…


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