Slowing velocity

Hello I’m trying to customize the code according to my needs but I’m not a programmer so i’m really bad at this anyway i’m almost have it with the basic tutorial, and my only problem right now is the slowing speed almost at final target,
I think this is where I need to change it, but don’t know what to do so the speed remain constant until it reach the target, I understand this line " dir *= speed; " multiply the same vector per speed, but how I can change it to remain constant any solution?
This code is used in the tutorial is the Astar IA

Vector3 dir = (path.vectorPath [currentWaypoint] - transform.position).normalized;
dir *= speed;
// Note that SimpleMove takes a velocity in meters/second, so we should not multiply by Time.deltaTime
controller.SimpleMove (dir);

And another question is What should I do so the units using the path remain inside and centered to tile, I’m making a turn tile game but even if I increase the size of the Node the still can advance to the node and not be centered, the node itself have a lot of middle points i can see it through the gizmos, hope someone can help me thanks in advance


If you are not a programmer you may want to use the included movement scripts. Check out the AIPath script for example. You can take a look at the included example scenes which show how they are configured.
Or if you want them to follow the path exactly, check out the AILerp script (which can be seen in the ‘2D’ example scene).