Slow down to a near stop, when rotating?

I would like to take the Rotation Speed setting a step further, by slowing the movement forward when seeker is rotating. Is there a built in way to do this?


If you are using the AIPath movement script you can check the option that is called ‘slow when not facing target’ which I think will do precisely what you want.

I do have that checked in this case, but it’s not helping because there is an indirect route to the target.

Picture being a seeker on the top end of the letter “C” and being told to move to the bottom end point. Let’s say you start out rotated to the right, and therefore have to rotate to the left to continue moving along the path of the letter c.

The minute you start rotating downwards to turn left, you end up being pointed towards the destination, even though it’s not along your path. Therefore you start moving forward again as you keep rotating to the left. Not sure if that makes sense, but that’s what I think is happening in this circumstance.

I’m not sure I understand.
“slow when not facing target” does not mean the target as in the end of the path, but where the agent currently wants to move to.

Do you have a screenshot or a video that shows the issue you are having?

Oh, so it’s referring to the next point Astar means for it to move to, not the next waypoint I told it to? That makes sense. Then I guess the problem must be that the seeker is larger than I have informed Astar, and the core piece is actually staying on the traversable path. Will go back and do some more testing - thanks!

I’m not quite sure, but maybe you want to reduce the ‘pick next waypoint distance’ setting. See