Slopes vs Stairs

Concerning a grid graph and Max Slope, if I have a hillside and a stair built up it, and both the terrain and the stair model have similar slope angles, how can I make the stair result as walkable/climbable but the hill unclimbable?

Thank you.

Hi Aron. Thank you for answering, and so quickly too!
I’ll try both suggestions. The invisible colliders walling off the walkable area sounds like it could work, and I could ignore the whole Max Slope factor entirely.

Thanks again.


if the stair collider has each step represented instead of just a single slope, you should be able to reduce the Max Slope of the grid graph. The Max Slope setting uses the normal of the surface and since the stair’s normals would always be just straight up, it will not be made unwalkable.

The most stable solution is however to just add invisible colliders where you don’t want the characters to walk.