Slope and recast

Hello everyone,

We are actually using a recast graph on our game. Since maps are quite huge we are using these settings:
Cell size: 0.2
Cell height: 0.1
Use Tiles
Tile size: 100
Min Region size: 2
Walkable height: 1.5
Walkable climb: 0.4
Character radius: 0.4
Max slope: 75
Max Edge length: 10
Max Edge error: 1

Using these settings is working quite great for all the geometry in the scene except for slopes. Somehow the navmesh is going under the ground on top of slopes and kind of above at the bottom.
As a picture is worth a thousand words check out the screenshot to see what I mean in bad english.

We tried using a navmeshcut with isDual to force the navmesh to cut at the beginning and end of the stairs but it just cut the slope without fixing the fact that it is under the ground.
Reducing the tile size and cell size kind of fix the issue even if it’s not sharp but loading and path calculation times are skyrocketing.
Is there any way to fix this ?
Thanks a lot for your help



This is expected.
The navmesh doesn’t care that much about the Y coordinate, it is assumed that you will use physics or something else to correctly position the character on top of the ground.
The navmesh only follows the ground approximately.

If you really want to solve it, you can reduce the Max Edge Length to a much smaller value, but that will reduce the performance of the pathfinding system and it is likely not needed.