Simple Movement with Job System

Hello, I have a grid graph based game with a large number of agents. For optimization, I’m using the job system to move agents along their paths.

However, I’m very naively incrementing the waypoints, which is causing some issues. I could use the PathInterpolator, but I’m not sure if I can make this work with the job system.

Is there an example of a script for moving agents with the job system? Or, am I better off just using AILerp?


Currently, there’s no such lightweight system. The AILerp script is already very lightweight and you are unlikely to get any faster than that unless you completely rewrite things in burst.
I am working on jobifying a new movement script in the beta version, however it is primarily focused on making it be very robust and having nice features. So while it is faster than AIPath, it is not faster than AILerp, since AILerp probably only does like 1% as many calculations.