Simple AI

I want/wish simple AI.
How do I do so?

a) The monsters move around in a left-right motion. Approx 5m left then right.

b) They go do Idle (for 15 secs) then walk right, then Idle for 15 secs, walk left.

c) Player can hit upto 25m. Enemy can hit upto 23m.

d) Enemy have a circle of 46m. So they can attack upto 46m. If the player runs away more than 46m, Enemy health is restored back to 100% and then goes back to original position.

e) If attacked, they will hit until player is dead or animal is dead.

f) after 2.5 minutes, they re-spawn in same location.

g) They should not go under the terrain or chase players to ends of the map.

any news?
(Paying customer…)

no news? no feedback?

The A* Pathfinding Project is about calculating path, not implementing AI. You can reuse and enhance the simple AI scripts used in examples code or you can look at AI package.

I’ve never tried it, but “AI Behaviors” seems to be very good and they have a tutorial to use it with A* Star Pathfinding :!-(Walker-Boys)