'Show Graph' not showing anything in Unity 2023.3.0b4 URP - Version 4.3.92 beta


Title says it all. It’s a mostly new clean project with no other rendering assets. I’ve verified the graph is being generated by exporting to .OBJ.

There was a constant warning in the console (100+ times in a few seconds) about RecordRenderGraph() not being implemented on AlineURPRenderPass which appears to stem from changes Unity have made in 2023.3 relating to render graphs. There were also warnings about RenderPipelineManager.beginFrameRendering now being obsolete. I’ve never touched anything on the render graph side of things so I have no idea if these are relevant or not.

It’s not an impediment since the graph is still there, albeit invisible. But would be nice to see it in order to aid debugging as time goes on.



I’ll include improved compatibility with the render pipeline package version 17 in the next beta update.
In the meantime, you can enable the compatibility option in Project Settings → Graphics → URP.

Thanks, much appreciated.