Shaking / jittering when units are standing

Hi, I’m seeing shaking when the RVO agents are just standing still. What could be the cause?

Here’s a video of what’s happening.

This is pretty much the code.

 private void Update () {
        Vector3 pos = transform.position;
        if (path != null && path.Count > 0) {
            pos = path[pathIndex];
        rvoController.SetTarget(pos, speed, speed);
        var delta = rvoController.CalculateMovementDelta(transform.position, Time.deltaTime);
        transform.position = transform.position + delta;


What frame rate have you specified on the RVOSimulator component?

Hi thanks for getting back to me.
These are the current settings. But even if I change the desired FPS to 60 I get just a faster jittering.
When I look at the example RTS project, it is really smooth. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

Are you recalculating the path often?

The path is calculated at the once. But the path doesn’t even need to be calculated for the jitter to occur, meaning that the jittering is present even before the unit has be told to move. It’s like RVO CalculateMovementDelta which is constantly updating in the Update method cannot undecided about where the units should be standing. There is no collision/intersection between RVOController either as the radius is quite small and there is plenty of space between units… and yet they jitter. When instructed to move, the path is calculated but as units push other units out of the way and move along their paths, both pushing and pushed units jitter. I’ve stripped all code down to just the Update method I mentioned previously (above post), and still they jitter. There is literally nothing other than the Update code above and path creation.

Could you post your RVOController settings?

Here are the settings (image). I even created a brand new project and tested it and was still getting the same jittering when the units move. If required I could also share the simple test project.

Try reducing the agent time horizon to 0.5. I don’t think that should have such a huge effect, but it can be worth a try.

Sadly, I tried all the settings but they seem to do absolutely nothing to help solve the issue.
As I said, I created a quick test project away from my main project to make sure that no other code is getting in the way. And while the jittering is not apparent when units are still, as they move they jitter around trying to find their route through one another. It doesn’t move at all like the examples (video linked below).

Jittery movement

I have no idea. But you say the example scenes in the same project do work?

They do work but RVO example shows flow so that’s a bit different to what I am seeing. I am also now reading other people’s posts in this forum regarding the same shaking or jittery movement for RVO agents, so I know it’s not just my issue. Other people are experiencing it. When RVO agents collide, they seem to shake. If the RVO Simulator framerate is low it is worse, but it is still very noticeable when the framerate it set to even 100. I’ve tried adjusting AgentTimeHorizon to a low value like .5 but still it doesn’t seem to help the shakey collisions. I paid for the Pro version of the asset in the hopes that it would be a good solutions, but sadly that has not been the case. What else can I try?

I’m not quite sure what the difference between your scene and the example scenes are that could cause this.
Try to take an example scene and change it until you get to the behavior that you want. Maybe along the way you will discover the parameter(s) that differ in this case. I’d be interested in what you find.

I did explain that I had made a brand new scene that stripped away all my code. To be clear, all that was left was rvo example code. . The main difference is that the demo scene shows flocking. However when opposite force is applied to rvo agents, as in two agents pushing against one another, there is visible shaking.