Setting Up Correct maxSpeed for RichAI

I recently made a conversion from an AI that used Unity’s pathfinding to A* RichAI and RecastGraph. I’m using a decoupled RichAI that the character “follows”, the character uses root motion and relies on it for its speed.

I would like some explanation of how maxSpeed works. Leaving it at 1 makes the character move slower than it did under Unity’s Pathfinding. Increasing the maxSpeed improves that but seems to reduce the accuracy of the character following the path, it is easy to see the issue with a high value of, let’s say 99 max speed. The character will struggle to maneuver around properly to its destination.

RichAI uses does a lot of things to make its movement more realistic, like trying to only move forwards, rotate towards its current velocity, . If you’re handling following/rotation on your own, you may be better off using AIPath with some modifiers, or even a custom ai controller that you can move more precisely.

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