A* Pathfinding Project

Set AI Seeker's stop-distance to Node-Node


Hi Aron,
Sorry for my poor English first.
I love this project very much , but I have some questions with it while making a chess-like game

  1. As my topic , could it happen to make the AI stop to target with Node-Count or Something else?
    I have no idea about how to modify the scripts in this project to make it happen ( stop distance by
    Node-Node instead of a float distance)

  2. I have set seeker’s script Start-End modifier to Snap to Node , but it sometimes not work well. Did I miss something?

Could you give me some advice? Should I write some new Scripts to achieve it?

Thank you very much!



It sounds like you would want to use the AILerp movement script instead of e.g. AIPath. That script is more suited to this kind of movement. See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/movementscripts.html


Also you might want to take a look at the TurnBased_Hexagon example scene.
It has some similar components.


Thanks for reply!
I will try to figure it out~


Thanks for reply!
I will take a look at that!