SerializableAnimationCurve getting stripped from il2cpp build in beta version 4.3.49

It seems this class from TinyJSON.css is getting stripped in il2cpp builds in beta version 4.3.49
any ideas?

Minimal stripping is set in player settings.

	class SerializableAnimationCurve {
		public WrapMode preWrapMode, postWrapMode;
		public Keyframe[] keys;

The link.xml doesn’t seem to be preventing it.

    <assembly fullname="System.Core">
        <type fullname="System.Linq.Expressions.Interpreter.LightLambda" preserve="all" />
    <assembly fullname="AstarPathfindingProject">
        <type fullname="Pathfinding.Serialization.SerializableAnimationCurve" preserve="all" />

Thanks! I’ve fixed this locally. The fix will be included in the next update.

Thanks, any eta?
My CI/CD pipeline broken :melting_face: